Challenge Bev!

So, i’ve decided for the next 7 days i am going to set myself a challenge! Something that will benefit me in the long run, even though i’m only doing it for 7 days! I spent a few days thinking about what i could do that was achievable but also good for me. And here it is:


My Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself to go without foundation or concealer or any make up base for an entire 7 days. This means i can get the lovely summer air to my skin and not clog it everyday with sweaty foundation. 

I am hoping this will help my skin breathe and go some way towards making my skin clearer and healthier.


I will update you all on my Challenge on Sunday 17th August and let you know how it went, i’ll then set myself another challenge, i already have one in mind!


Have you guys ever set yourself any challenges, whether it’s beauty or fashion based or simply something you wanted to do? Let me know below, maybe i can challenge myself to something you guys suggest!




4 thoughts on “Challenge Bev!”

  1. I recently started a fitness challenge on my blog, which is sooo hard!! I think your idea is great. Recently I was going without ANY makeup for like a week or a bit more and my skin felt amazing! It was never as clear before. I think I will be trying to go without any makeup more often 🙂

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