TGIF – 8 August 2014

Unfortunately, i’m working tomorrow 9am util 1:30pm, so it’s not all bad as it’s only a half day but i’ve decided i can still embrace Friday Night! 🙂

I finished work at 6pm and lucky for me it was raining (lots of sarcasm here), i got drenched (see below picture, this is when i’d removed the black runny eyeliner from under my eyes so it was a little more presentable….


I got home and Owain had run me a bath, complete with candles and my favourite Clinique face washes and scrubs so i could choose what to pamper myself with. A cup of Tea was made and a towel was nicely warmed waiting for me, a better boyfriend i could not wish for 🙂 but then came the bad news…



I went to pick it up…and just hit it into to the bath. I don’t know if i was being clumsy or if the world hates me today…

It’s not the first time its happened, so i didn’t panic as much. Took it apart and put it on the radiator and it dried out and eventually turned on 🙂

To get over ‘phonegate’ i ordered us a chinese takeaway from the one and only Yum Yum in Sheffield – if you live in Sheffield and haven’t tried it, get yourself here. I’s absolutely beautiful and the chow mein comes in little boxes which are so convenient and cute!

Another scary point in today was when it rains, the river next to the flat rises and i never know if it’s going to flood the flat, bad times!


So my Friday has been eventful, good and bad. How’s your Friday’s going? Let me know below!



2 thoughts on “TGIF – 8 August 2014”

  1. I had the most boring day at work ever. There was so little people in, we we’re finished by 8 o’clock. So I can hardly complain of only having 5 hours of work for the day, but it was the longest 5 hours of my life. And of course some fool comes and orders food 15 minutes before the kitchen closes. Ugh, we were not best pleased! I could definitely do with my boyfriend here to run me a bath ):

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