Brunette to Blonde – My Journey

I have changed my hair colour more times than most people have had hot dinners. It’s true, and i’m so surprised it hasn’t all fallen out yet or snapped off but i guess i’ve just been super lucky! When going i decided to dye my dark brown hair blonde again, i knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight and i also spent  A LOT of time googling other blogs for help and guidance, a lot of which didnt really give me much detail except – ‘i put a blonde dye on my hair, it went bright ginger, help!’ & a lot of responses were – go to the salon/hairdressers. 


So here is my story and hopefully, somewhere along the lines it will help you with hair dye and what could possibly go wrong and how you might be able to fix it!


I am naturally blonde. I dyed my hair brown when i was 17 in college and have been dying it since almost every few months. That’s a good 7 years worth of hair dye! Now, this was the colour i was prior to my quest:





Now, i was well prepared for the errors that may occur so i bought – Jerome Russell B Blonde Maximum lift hair bleach & i got 2 Nice and Easy box dye’s – Medium Ash Blonde & a Light Neutral Brown (this was a back up in case it didn’t work!)..





After using this blonde bleach it lifted most of the colour but left it a little gingery on the ends where the hair dye had piled up on my hair shafts. I then applied the Medium ash blonde to it & it neutralised the gingery-ness and left it a medium dark blonde-y brown-y colour. Which i was thankful for. At least it wasn’t bright orange!

I left my hair this colour for a few weeks to get some of the moisture back into it from dying my hair and also to ensure i was giving it a good rest and condition before i dyed it again. I know going blonde takes its toll on your hair!

After a few weeks it went a bit brassy and it wasn’t something purple shampoo or toner would be able to fix (i have some purple shampoo, i tried, it failed) so a few days ago, i looked like this –

Photo on 04-08-2014 at 14_Fotorhgf

So, yesterday i was wandering down the hair dye aisle in Tesco, as you do, and i decided to pick up and Ultra Light Ash Blonde hair dye & another Medium ash blonde hair dye (again, just in case).



Now, this one looked waaaay bright but i gritted my teeth and gave it a go. It lightened my hair to the colour below and i couldn’t have been happier! I know to always go for ash colours with my hair as it has a lot of golden tones due to the amount of red/brown dye i have trashed it with over the years. Whenever i bleach my hair it goes orange so i don’t want it turning more orange! The cool tones in ash blonde counteract that, and it’s always good to keep in mind!

Photo on 07-08-2014 at 19_Fotor

It’s not as noticeably blonde in the picture as it’s quite dark in the room i took the picture in, but i am very pleased with the end result. I know ill end up getting bored soon but i’m going to resist dying it dark again because i know all the hassle it takes to get rid of it if you want a change!

I hope this helps some of you & if not i hope it’s still an interesting read, do any of you guys have any hair stories you want to share? Let me know below!





5 thoughts on “Brunette to Blonde – My Journey”

  1. I’m the same. Always get bored and look at old pictures and think ‘I should dye it plum again!’ or something like that! haha. After all the effort and days of gingery hair I went through to go blonde I’m going to enjoy it while I can. I’ve just gone a bit darker actually because the roots are too difficult to maintain without going to a salon. So for now its a dark blonde /:
    You look gorgeous by the way. You really suit both light and dark hair!!! ❤

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  2. […] When i started this blog in July 2014, i had blonde hair. I am naturally blonde but around age 14 i desperately wanted to change my hair colour and i ended up a brunette. I sent a good 10 years of my life (almost) being a brunette and i loved it but last year i wanted a change and i began the process to change from brunette to blonde (You can read about it here). […]


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