My Weekend so far…

It’s only Saturday morning but i am having a great morning. Notice my miserable post yesterday which i masked with the awesomeness that is Friday? Well, my Virgin Media hub has been replaced this morning (YES) & my H&M order arrived (YES AGAIN). I’ve also had a freshly made home coffee and i am currently sat in a christmas coca-cola t shirt. I am cool. 

I wanted to share a few photos with you all and tell you a bit about my weekend so far! (It’s only because i’m so excited to be back online!)




My Nails

I had clear nails for the past week and i didn’t have time to sit and paint them this week due to late shifts at work. Last night while binge watching Friday night TV, i decided to get creative. It’s not the best picture of my nails as i forgot to clean up the edges before i took the photo but i’m sure you can forgive me! I used my Blue polish i got in my July Glossybox which was an american product i talked about here. (it’s cruelty free also, bonus!) I then used a Nails Inc. light pink polish to do the dots and voila!


Owain decided to surprise me with homemade chocolate rice krispie cakes but i caught him in the act and decided to help. We made them with Green & Black’s butterscotch chocolate and they were so yummy! i’ll definitely be making these again. I know Green & Blacks have a whole range of chocolate  flavours so we may do some experimenting. It helps that the Great British Bake off is also back on soon! WIN!


My H&M order came! After about 10 days of waiting. I knew ordering online i would have to wait but i didn’t expect it to be this long! Above is a selection of 3 dresses that are my favourites i received. I shopped in the sale, because i’m broke with moving house. It was only £55.00 for 6 items but the 3 dresses above are beautiful. perfect for summer and can also be worn in the office. I think the meal tomorrow with my family will be the perfect time to show one off. I just hope the weather stays nice!


Im sure i will have a lot more to talk about as the weekend progresses, what are you all up to this weekend? 




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