It’s here, the day we’ve all been waiting for unless you are unfortunate and have to work tomorrow, but ITS FRIDAY!!!

I’m celebrating Friday because i have had an awful week and i wanted to get all the bad stuff off my chest. So here goes:

1- Virgin Media internet hub broke and wont even turn on so i am without internet for god knows how long. 😦

2- I ordered some items from h&m on 21st July and have been waiting for the delivery since then. Still haven’t received it.

3- It’s been 2 weeks and we still haven’t been given a car park key so no parking in our own parking space in our flat.

4- I’ve been at work all week. Enough said.


hopefully my weekend will be better as my family are coming down for a meal on Sunday at Smoke BBQ restaurant in Sheffield and hopefully the Virgin Media man can fix the internet tomorrow!


Hope your Fridays are fabulous so far and that your weeks have been better than mine. Lets hope things look up.



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