Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Recently i needed to purchase some new shampoo & conditioner and came across these beauties:




The blend of Camellia & Argan Oil got me intrigued & at £2.50 each in Tesco, i snapped them up and decided to try them out. Normally, i’d have gone with my usual Pantene or Dove but i figured why not branch out!

This claims to be the ‘Marvellous Transformer’ and i know Argan oil is meant to be great for your hair. Now i’ve only used this since Saturday but i already completely love it. The smell is divine and the way it makes my hair look and feel is amazing. 

During washing my hair, it felt very greasy going onto my hair and normally i would stop right there and re shampoo my hair because you could guarantee when i dried it, it would be lank & greasy but i persevered and voila:

     Photo on 29-07-2014 at 18_FotorPhoto on 29-07-2014 at 18_Fotorjhv 



My hair feels softer but not flyaway & i can see it looks healthier (after recently going from brunette to blonde my hair was FRIED). This is definitely something i will continue using & may even be adventurous and try the other blends Garnier has to offer!


What do you guys think? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it? Let me know below…





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