Rimmel ScandalEYES Precision Micro Liner & Absolute NY Eye Primer Review…

You may have heard my rant about my eyeliner and eyeshadow never staying put on my eyelids and always, always, always creasing… Well, i have well and truly found the solution!


– Eyeshadow Primer & Rimmel Eyeliner –

Eyeshadow Primer by Absolute New York (a personal favourite from July’s Glossybox) applied all over your eyelids before any eyeshadow or eyeliner works wonders for those who have what i refer to as ‘slippy lids’. I decided to test this out today during work to prove to myself i am saved!


Excuse the picture – but notice the new fringe 🙂 – this is my eyeliner when i returned home from work. Note it was applied at approximately 7:30am and it is now 6:35pm. It still looks like black eyeliner and from the other picture you can see it hasn’t smudged. Also, i haven’t even touched or looked at it today. This is perfect for summer while the hot weather is here!


it’s been such a relief this combination works and i’ve finally found something that helps with my eyeshadow and eyeliner! 


Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner can be purchased from all beauty stores such as Boots & Superdrug and also available from supermarkets with a Rimmel make-up stand. It also doesn’t break the bank which is great news. 


Personally recommend these 2 products and i really can’t be more happy i have found them!




– Eyeliner after almost 12 hours wear –

SO GOOD! Let me know what you think below…



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