Our New Flat…

Hello Guys!

I have now moved into mine and Owains new flat and had the internet installed – by far the best thing i have purchased since we moved in, unless you count the Brita filter (and i do, i do). 

– Homemade Lattee – Madmen Cookbook – Pretty Mugs – Pomegranate Candle – 

– Bicycle Picture – River View from the Balcony – Steak House across the River – New Pad Card –

Our new flat is in the Kelham Island district in Sheffield & i can honestly say it’s a beautiful place. So quiet and pretty, with the sound of the river Don swishing by. There’s amazing local pubs which host real ale festivals and have amazing beer gardens. The Fat Cat pub and The Riverside are my favourites. There are also restaurants such as the Brooklyn Steak Bar – which i can see from my balcony!! – and The Milestone. I have yet to try these places but the smell is divine. Coffee shops and museums are among the other attractions and they are currently building additional houses which you will be able to control by your iphone. I WANT ONE.  

The flat itself has a huge living room and kitchen with all new appliances. The toilet is separate from the bathroom and the bath has the tap in the middle. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT. A power shower is also included as well as vanity mirrors in both rooms and 2 bedrooms. Safe to say i’ve taken over the spare room with my make up, hair and body things! The floors are all hardwood and i could not have asked for more. 

 I don’t think i ever want to move out but moving house is exhausting and i haven’t had a moment to myself since the move but my god it was worth it!

I have been such an excited and happy person this past week and now we’re officially moved in i can relax and sunbathe on either one of my balcony’s while next doors cat harasses my washing. It’s true, the cat keeps smelling it while it’s drying. Mental cat. 

I wanted to show you more pictures but once i get going, nothing will stop me and i’ll be here for hours! 🙂 

I am sure i will update you with all the treasure Kelham island has to offer, so watch this space!!


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