July Glossybox!

Okay, so this post is a little (a lot) late as i have already had several of the Glossybox’s delivered to me however i felt that a post was long overdue to explain how awesome these monthly surprises are! It’s £10 per month and then approximately £3 for P&P but what you receive in the box is worth it and totals to more than what you paid for it!


So, this months Glossybox was the American stars & stripes box and it’s safe to say i will be keeping this box as i have with all the boxes are they are great for pretty make up storage boxes!


Disclaimer – i am not a photographer and i never will be and i apologise for any and all of the photos in this blog. I am very impressed i managed to match the border to the American style box. Easily pleased.


In the box this month was the 5 surprise products i have been waiting weeks for, all from American companies. These are :-

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Mandarina – £20


I don’t normally wear lipstick on a daily basis however i do like to dabble in it when going out for drinks or meals. My go to colour is a bright pink so this orange coloured lipstick was a refreshing change. I gave the lipstick a trial run straight away and although it doesn’t suit me i like the creamy texture and the way it felt on my lips, it also has great staying power. If they had sent mr a bright pink one i would have used it everyday! It does give me an insight into the product and i can honestly say i would buy this albeit in a different colour. Hooray Glossybox!


ABSOLUTE New York perfecting Eyeshadow Primer – $4.99


Okay so.. i have terrible trouble with eyeshadow, so much so i haven’t actually worn any at all for a good few years and i’ve yet to find a good eyeshadow primer that will actually keep any eyeshadow on. How i’ve longed to buy the Urban Decay Naked palettes but i can’t bear to part with my money for something i know i cant use *TOTAL SAD FACE*. But… here comes the miracle product. When i opened the box i literally squealed with excitement and i picked this up and tried it out without even looking at anything else in the box at all! 

I put the primer on my eyelid and then covered it in a grey and black smokey colour and waited. Normally, around 30 minutes after applying eyeshadow, its turned into 2 lines of crease BUT this primer has super staying power. 3 hours after applying it, my eyeshadow is still intact and i cant stop looking at it! (Lies – i stopped to write this but you get the gist). Cue super excitement from me as i can now part with my cash and buy all the eyeshadow palettes i can possibly carry. EEK. 


Carmex Lip Balm – £2.69


Where to start…I forgot how good this lip balm is. For anybody that has not had the pleasure of trying it, please go out and buy some RIGHT NOW. This lip balm not only moisturises lips but it also gives you a sensational tingly feeling after use as it contains menthol and beeswax. This is definitely one of the best lip balms around and is one of the most famous and most used brands worldwide. I can’t rave about this product enough but seriously, just go buy it. 🙂


Colour Club Nail Polish – $8.00 for 15ml


I haven’t had chance to use this nail polish yet however, it comes in a lovely blue shade which was formulated just for this Glossybox and it’s also made cruelty free and with only non toxic ingredients so if you love your nail polish as much as i do this brand is a definite go to. I’ve only just painted my nails a lovely watermelon gradient shade using red, yellow and green and i couldn’t bring myself to remove it to try this one out so watch this space for an update on the polish!


Pur Minerals Mudd Masque – £18 for 120g


I cannot explain how much i love face masks. I have Elizabeth Arden, No7 and a whole array of free samples of face masks however, i haven’t tried this product yet but when i do, a review will be up! I love how relaxing it is sitting with a face mask on with a good chick flick and a glass of wine while simultaneously cleansing your skin and unclogging your pores. A better feeling there is not, apart from a foot massage. You get 15g of product and it smells divine! It retails at £18.00 for 120g at Marks & Sparks which is convenient as i can grab one when i’m running low. Also, the Glossybox comes with a 20% off this product until August 12th. Happy Shopping!


I think those of you who have not discovered the amazing Glossybox, you should do so now! I should mention if you refer a friend you and your friend get a special gift! If you need a referral  let me know and i will gladly introduce you! Find them also at @GlossyboxUK on twitter or www.Glossybox.co.uk (Disclaimer – i am not and have not been paid to endorse this, i just believe every woman should have a treat once a month!)


Thanks for reading, please leave a comment and let me know if you love your Glossybox too or if i’ve convinced you to sign up 🙂 




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