Hello Beverbeee…

My name is Beverley & i am currently living in Sheffield. I’ve been here since November 2012 & moved for work purposes. My family all come from Scunthorpe Town & i am very proud of where i come from, even if it is far from glamourous.

I live with my boyfriend Owain & as per my previous posts, we moved into our new flat in Kelham Island in July 2014, you can read the post here for further details 🙂

I work for Santander in the complaints department & i deal with a lot of unhappy people on a day to day basis & so this blog is a way for me to share & remember the best days & times while also letting the world know my thoughts on all things beauty, fashion & lifestyle – even if these aren’t everyone else’s cup of tea.

Speaking of Tea, it’s my favourite drink but i am also equally in love with Coffee. I try to eat (sort of) healthy most of the time but the occasional takeaways like to creep in especially on weekends when all i want to do is not cook! Those JustEat guys have definitely got it right!My Favourite colour is yellow as i think its a happy colour and makes me light up.

& one final thing… I am very small. 5ft to be precise, but i love it. It’s what makes me, me.

Thanks for reading & leave your comments below…


1 thought on “Hello Beverbeee…”

  1. Hi Beverley, 5ft is not small, at least not in India, China, Japan..! But you have great courage. I like your positive attitude about life and yourself, which is great. 🙂

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